Best Radio Ads of 2016

There are many ways people can access music, but despite all those mediums, FM Radio continues to be the most popular. So advertisers want to tap this market and hence have radio ads running. Moreover, it is also the most cost-efficient mode of advertising to reach potential customers. The advantage of Radio over other digital media is that they are local and hence advertisers can be more precise in reach out to their customers.
FM Radio stations still have a significant local customer base with live shows, familiar RJ’s and local promotions. No wonder you want to tune in to your local radio station every day. The reason for tuning in to those stations is more than music, it’s the local news, and the happenings in your local community all heard from familiar voices. The popularity of radio only means that advertisers want to run their ads on prime time to improve sales. Here are some of the best Radio ads of 2016.

Marmite The Monday’s
Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB
Producer: Mark Hellaby
Creative executives: Ben Stiglitz, Colin Booth

Harvey Nichols Cars
Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB
Producer: Kreepa Laxman
Creative executives: Jessica Morris, Chloe Pope, Emmanuel Saint M’leux, Simon Pearse

Radio Center See Radio Differently
Agency: Lucky Generals
Producer: Joe Bagnall
Creative Executive: Yan Elliott

Hive Superfast at Anytime
Agency: CHI & Partners
Producer: Marianne Paton
Creative Executive: William Cottam, Colin Smith, Artem Bjork

MacDonald’s Driver
Agency: Leo Burnett
Producer: Adam Furman
Creative Executive: Graham Lakeland, Richard Robinson

Curry’s PC World Bootcamp
Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Producer: Holly Pienaar
Creative Executive: Charlotte Adorjan, Michael Jones

Flash Colouring Boo
Agency: Leo Burnett
Producers: Serena Schellenberg, Adam Furman
Creative Executives: Matt Collier, Wayne Robinson, Charlie Martin

Dove Self Conscious
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather London
Producers: Victoria Smith, Sarah Hall
Creative Executives: Simon Lotze, Miguel Nunes

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