Motel 6 Bags The Radio Mercury Awards Again

The Motel 6 campaign and Radio Mercury awards have become almost synonymous with each other. That campaign has become a regular feature for many years now and won its first price in the year 1992 as the Best of Show. The Motel 6 has gone on to win it many times since then. This year too was no different, the results of the award were declared in New York on a Thursday night, and the Best of Show went to the Motel 6 radio campaign and became the most famous radio campaign showing the contemplation of Tom Bodett. The Millennials was awarded the Radio Ad of the year 2017.
The reason for Motel 6 winning the award again is due to the freshness and the execution which was top notch which essayed the intention of the brand. The campaign upholds the conversation in a relevant way as per the creative director and judge of the awards Mark Gross.
Erica Faber who is the president and also the CEO of the Bureau of Radio advertising says that the ads that will have a chance of winning are to have excellent narrators who are capable of involving the consumers and also create their brand. He was of the belief that the campaigns in this year’s winners had a lot of creativity.

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