New FM Radio Station To Help Fight Loneliness

Loneliness is an emotion which is normal and felt by people at some point in their lives, but if this emotion is sustained, then it becomes problematic. It is problematic not just mentally as it can up the risk of dementia and other cognitive diseases, but loneliness can lead to high blood pressure and are more prone to illnesses due to infections. People also need to understand the distinction between being alone and the feeling of loneliness. You can be amongst a crowd and yet feel lonely, and you might not even know what is happening with you.

So to help combat this emotion, a radio station in Abernathy has come up with shows that help battle and also foster the spirit of community. This radio station will be available in and around 12 miles of the town of Abernathy and will include many rural areas. They will have a group of 100 volunteers along with two salaried employees helping run the station. The director of this station AlFrean said that it aims to be the hub for what is happening with the lives of the callers. This radio station hopes to bring together people who are lonely into touch with each other. Living in the rural areas of Wales is not same as other towns, and they depend on their neighbors.
Radio Aber has obtained a license from Ofcom and will also look for grants to fund their initiative. This station will be aired 24*7 and will start its operation after they have adequate funds.

The critical aspect here when trying to combat loneliness is that you should reach out for help as it can be painful. You often react by withdrawing yourself into a shell, keeping your feelings to yourself and that will not help. You should create friendships which is the best thing to do, or you can listen in to shows like the one Radio Aber has initiated to understand and overcome this emotional state of mind.

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